Tuesday, 29 January 2013

View from the Inside

Over the next few weeks, I'll be running a series of what I call 'insider tips', from either Thais living in Australia or ex-pats who now call Thailand home. First up, Eurblarp Sriphirom, Deputy Director of TAT in Sydney, shares some of her favourite places in Thailand... 

Eurblarp Sriphirom in her new home of Sydney
I'm originally from Bangkok but love all the countryside around Thailand, as each area is different in character. During my childhood, my parents took me and my sisters around Thailand on driving holidays. We did not go abroad and loved travelling in Thailand.

I like the northern part of Thailand because of its serenity and nice people, love the traditional northern food and culture and beauty of nature there. I like to see our history through the architecture and way of life in each town. I like the view of the golden rice fields and the Thai floating houses as well as the typical Thai houses, especially the gingerbread-style houses in Prae and Nan.

I also like to support all Thai products made by local people such as hand-woven clothes, handmade silver and gold accessories from the original places. They are my favourite collections, as I do not like the brand name products much.

Chiang Mai, Nan, Prae and Sukhothai are lovely towns and always in my mind for escaping from busy life in Bangkok. Now it’s very convenient to fly to these destinations and easy to get around in safety. Ayuthaya is also one of my favourite places - our family goes there on weekends for a day trip for making merit and praying in the temples. In my opinion, Wat Chai Wattanaram, located in Ayuthaya, is the second most beautiful place to see the sunset, apart from the Temple of Dawn in Bangkok.

I love Ampawa Floating Market because it recalls the olden Thai period. Old Town Bangkok is also full of my childhood memories and I still go to the temple almost every weekend with my mother to make a merit.

Giving alms to monks on Hua Hin Beach
My favourite beach is Hua Hin because of the atmosphere there. My family goes there every year for a summer break. I do not like the touristic places and try to avoid them. In conclusion I can say that I love slow travel for my slow life, just to enjoy the places and atmosphere that make me calm down.


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  2. Hey Julie,

    Awesome blog you've got here. I spent 4 months in Thailand last year and am heading back next weekend to Bangkok for another extended stay.

    Keep writing words!


  3. Thank you, Jordan, thanks for reading!

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