Thursday, 21 February 2013

View from the Inside #2

Featured artist Chris Chun shares his favourite haunts in his adopted city of Chiang Mai...

Chris contemplating his next meal in Chiang Mai!

- What's your favourite thing about living in Chiang Mai? 

There are lots of great things about living here. The town has it’s own charm and unique vibe. It’s very peaceful – well, with over 300 temples I think it should be, right? The food here is amazing as well as my thrice weekly massages and the cost of living is very cheap compared to Australia. 

 - Can you list your top 5 bars/cocktail lounges? 

Chiang Mai has loads of bars, depending on what you like….not that many cocktail lounges though. I love taking friends to the Chedi Hotel for a drink by the river and 137 Pillars House is a gorgeous hotel to just chill with a quiet drink in the original homestead. House of Wine we love (especially with the tapas bar and French Fry Bar next door). Yokka Dok is lots of fun with the gay boys and the cabaret show at Anusarn Market is a scream!! Monkey Club and MO’c MO’l are great too. 

Jack Bains Bar at 137 Pillars House Pic: Matthew Burns

 - Any favourite restaurants? 

I’m not sure if I want to give away all my secrets LOL. One of the best places for Thai food is CafĂ© de Nimman – their fried fish with Thai herbs is the BEST in town but it runs out quickly so get there fast. We love Anchan for their organic vegetarian food. Giorgios is our favourite Italian restaurant with food just like Mama used to make. Wanluman is great for French cakes and The House is a great place to take visitors – chic restaurant and designer boutique all rolled into one. 

 - Favourite way to waste time in Chiang Mai! 

Massage and eating cake – Chiang Mai has a huge sweet tooth and there are lots of great cake shops and patisseries.

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